Dungeons of Sunnydale started on August 2nd, 2012 by forum user tierasArchivist . The author was writing another mspaint adventure at the time called Scratchproof, however it had gone on hiatus so he began Dungeons of Sunnydale in its place. The comic accepted user commands from a forum thread , and those were used as ideas for the next pages. Forum user Houselocked mirrored it to MSPFanventures.

On August 7th, just five days after it's start, Dungeons of Sunnydale came to a close. The author resumed updating his previous adventure, Scratchproof, and left Dungeons of Sunnydale behind indefinately.

On Septermber 21st, 2012, forum user Crono30067 began writing a fan continuation of the story after reading complaints in the thread about it ending prematurely. The original author approved of this work, and thus it was considered to be the canonical continuation and is still running today.

On September 25th, 2012, the original author provided a flash animation for the comic entitled "[S] All: Behold the Glory of Bloody Hell." This raised many to believe he would be returning to the project, but he declined and Crono30067 remained the author.