Shizzle fo' drizzle
"His name is Drizzle fo' Shizzle the Drow Pimp. For years they have spoken HORRORSTORIES of his name. You fear him with everything you have. He has so much swag that children cry in fear. His EPS or ELITE PERSON SWAG has grown so large that it has replaced his own HEALTH STATUS. You fear there is no chance you could possibly stand against him."

Drizzle fo' Shizzle the Drow Pimp (or DFSDP for short) is a Drow Pimp who serves as a boss fight for the party. In actuality, he is only a spirit possessing Amelia. Perhaps created on the Purple Timeline, he and Amelia were trapped in between timelines for about 2 weeks thanks to Karkata, before Amelia, who was in control at the time, was finally pushed into the Orange Timeline, where she would tell 0003 and Amoria the nature of their existance before going back to the Green Timeline and defeating the heroes with her PIMP MAGIC, reducing everyone except Karkata to critical health and teleporting them away. He and Amelia were exported to the real world when 0001 threw a save point at them in the Blue Timeline.


  • EPS: 919
  • MPS: 802
  • STR: ?
  • DEF: ?
  • AGI: ?
  • SPI: ?