Color Synergy is a multi-function property of Dungeons of Sunnydale. Each class seems to have an associated Color Synergy: Rogues are #FF0000, while Science Heroes are #00FF00.

Properties of Color SynergyEdit

Abilities of Color SynergyEdit

  • Using Color Synergy on a locked door with your associated color on it will open the door.
  • Color Synergy can provide bonuses in battle if either your sprite or the enemy's sprite has your associated color on it; it can also provide bonuses out of battle, such as when 0001 attempts to apologize to the shopkeeper.
  • You can also use Color Synergy to commune with objects; for instance, when 0001 communes with the #FF0000-toned gem on the wall to learn that it lights up when certain conditions are met.

Color Synergies for Verious ClassesEdit

  • Rogue: #FF0000 (Red)
  • Science Hero: #00FF00 (Green)
  • Bearserker: #8B4513 (Brown)
  • Professional Map-Grabber: #800080 (Purple)
  • Ninja: #000000 (Black)